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Please check out my sea turtle.


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Hey guys I wanted to share a piece of art with you. The turtle started out as old rusty 8" pipe. I had just gotten a new cutting torch and was trying to rid my self of some of the scrap metal in my back yard. I shined it up with sanding pads and colored it with a cutting torch. Would like a little feed back when you get the time. Peter




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Cool!:cool: The shell and the heat pattern makes it look more like a Ornate Diamondback Terrapin. Diamondback Terrapins range from Texas to Maine and hibernate in the mud in estuaries along the shore line. The female only comes ashore to lay her eggs and the male only if ill. Maryland considers them a fish, go figure, and allows you to catch up to five a year as they are getting rather scarce. This is the turtle of the "Fighting Terrapins". You cook them like lobster, throw them kicking and screaming alive into boiling water. Nice way to die.:mad: Make more turtle sculptures!:D

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