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My new but old anvil

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I recently come up on this Brooklyn anvil at a old shop in Wetumpka Alabama, I believe its a Hay Budden, I took pictures of it and the numbers on it, The shop owner told me he used it as a tool to wipe excess bondo off his bondo tools, he said it should clean up well, but how should I go about that, sandblasting? Anyways I hope to be bangin on her soon, the ring is also deafining, and the rebound is great, Thanks to all and Godbless,Charlie










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I'd just start using it, I don't see anything that would get in the way.

On the other hand if you really want to clean it up a cup brush on a right angle grinder should do the trick nicely. Then get it warm and apply some paste wax. If you want the body black, black shoe polish of the old wax type works nicely.

Congrats, nice score.


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