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    I love making knives and learning new things about forging metal.
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    Knife making, Tool making, and giving a new life to metal.
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  1. Great looking hawk man that thing is beautiful!!!!! Can someone explain to me how to draw that out of a 1 inch square piece of metal?
  2. Thanks so much Mr. Richards for the pictures, Where can you buy nickle? Is it possible to find in junk yards? Again thanks for the help! Godbless,Charlie
  3. I have the chance to buy it but I havent ever seen one like it, It looks well made, thought some of you veterans might know something about it thanks for the help and Godbless,Charlie
  4. Its gonna be a firepot for making knives out of, I want to buy a commercial one but they are outrageous in price so you guys think some 1/4 inch steel will do the job? Thanks for the help,Godbless,Charlie
  5. I have seen this word alot around damascus but I have never figured out what it is? Is it a way to make damascus, Thanks for the help Godbless,Charlie
  6. I am curious to who makes their own firepots. I have been looking for someone to make me one but I havent had any luck. Welders in my area dont have the time for it. SO I figured i would ask for some advice on welding up a firepot, Thanks and Godbless,Charlie
  7. Man that thing is beautiful!!! GREAT WORK!!!
  8. My worst burn came from wearing tennis shoes while welding, I didnt know the piece was burning into my shoe until it was to late and if you could have caught me on camera running around trying to get my shoe off you might have won one of those funniest video contest. It burned the top of my foot BAD!!! Taught me a good lesson and it wont happen again!!! Be SAFE. Godbless,Charlie
  9. These are wonderful knifes you guys make!!! I love them all espically the horsehead one!!!! Man its a beauty!! Anyone know where to get some plans for these different kinds of twists? Thanks for the beautiful pictures,Godbless,Charlie
  10. How did you attach the bolsters? Thanks,Charlie
  11. looks dern good to me, I love the handle, Godbless,Charlie
  12. I really didnt know where to post this and I apologize for posting if and taking up space but it might just make a difference in someone life. Today is Thanksgiving and my family is small so we all usually get together quite often but this year Me and my wifes visiting one less house, My Fathers. My father and I was as good as friends as two people can be, he taught me everything I know about life and he was a great man. On July 22, 2004 I finally made time to spend with him, It seemed like I was always had something more important to do but that day I took him fishing. He and I had the best t
  13. My family and I will keep you in our prayers,Godbless Charlie
  14. I have seen thousands of spike knives over the internet and I know alot of them have different types of twists in the handle area, but I have not been able to locate information on how people do it differently, so lets start here, Which do you like the best and how do you do it?
  15. Beautiful knives!!! I hope to one day post some just like that,Godbless Charlie
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