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MORE blower trouble!


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Once again my blower is acting up! I did manage to find out that the gear box/fan doesn't go with the fan housing. The housing has four screw holes and a shaft hole! There is another hole that looks as if it was cut with a torch to allow the gear box to fit. The gear box only has 3 screw holes!
I managed to get the blower running again, because the only thing wrong was the gears were colliding, grinding against each other. So, now it runs, but it runs real stiff. I can't figure out how to remove the shafts for the fan/gears, so I simply greased everything up good. However that didn't help make it run smooth! If y'all have any idea what would make it run more smoothly please let me know. I am currently regestering for two festivals so I have to get this fixed! It is a sized down version of a Champion #40 (yes #40 NOT 400!) blower. If you need pictures I can get a few. Just let me know what parts to snap pixs of!

Thank you!

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Dave, have you tried adjusting the bottom bolt,( the one with the screwdriver slot and the locking nut)?
I have a smaller Champion blower.( I don't know if mine is like yours or not....so this may not apply),

Any way, the adjustment of that bolt is a little 'touchy' on mine.
If I loosen it more than an 8th of a turn.......it rattles.
If I tighten it more than an 8th of a turn.....it gets really stiff.

Good luck....hope this helps

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