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Champion 400 blower stand legs length?


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Hello all, if someone gets time, would you kindly measure the leg length for me?  I got my hands on the blower mount but I'm going to have to have some pipe cut and bent. After that the restoration will be complete. Thanks in advance!

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Well what I do know is they're expensive to replace. Cost me $360 to have 3 SCH 80 pipes cut and bent. I'm one inner race away from a full restore. Can't wait haha!

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sch 80? you work in the shipping industrie?

Need to make a cable support, better take a strip of 10mm thick instead of 6mm, it are 2 cables going to 2 different lighting fixtures.

But even there we made the railings out of sch 40.


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It takes a bit of setting up but cold bending round pipe without crinkling is pretty easy. Make or find a form the same radius as the inside of what you want a tree block or a pipe are traditional. Fix it solidly to the floor or ground next to a solid stop like a brick wall. Slip a cable through the length of pipe  and anchor it at the "straight" end, place the pipe in the bending jig with the beginning of the bend mark against the round die. Then pull the cable with a jack, porta power, pickup truck etc. and the pipe will bend around the die smoothly.

Loggers do or did this to large pipe with tree stumps and a bull dozer.

It works a treat once you've practiced a little. Even works better than most pipe benders.

Frosty The Lucky.

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With a piece of 1" round inside the the section to be bent, you could do it hot over the anvil.

I did that with 3/4" pipe (and 3/4" round) to make a 90 degree bend for a forge burner.  Even with bending around a form to get a constant radius and -- of course -- cutting off the straight sections at the ends, it took a fair amount of tweaking and tapping to thread round bar back out of the curve.  It worked, though.

For blower legs, you could just leave the 1" round inside.  You might not want to do that with sch 80, though. . . 

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