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Coarse Magnetite

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Hi everyone,

I have about 25lbs of coarse magnetite I was hoping to smelt in a bloomery furnace. 
Do you suggest crushing the material to a more consisten powder or can I run it through the furnace like this? 
I appreciate any the suggestions


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4 hours ago, JHCC said:

Can you retake it with something added to give a sense of scale, like a quarter?


Thanks for the reply.

couldn't find a quarter but I found a ruler.

All 25lbs are pretty consistent like this:


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Thank you Stash. Will do! I plan on documenting the entire process. 

one more question.

should I mix in some clay and wood ash as is done to make tamahagane? 

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Steve: Do you roast magnetite first or just start with the bloomery?

Welcome aboard Scwootz, glad to have you. I sure wish you'd used a 5mm RPG game character piece for scale, maybe buried up to the waist. Hmmm?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty- I'm not sure what 'should ' be done, but I would probably go ahead and roast it. I did 2 smelts with Lee Sauder, we used limonite (sp?), roasted it and smashed it into roughly 3/8" minus bits.


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