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Graduate Gift Idea

Scott NC

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  My oldest Grandson is graduating this year and I would like to make him something as a gift.  His main passion's are firearms and medieval things.  I have had a few idea's but I want to make something really unique and so I am asking for input.  One of his options after graduation is a job offer from a major ammunition mfg and I think he is going to take it.  I have to ship it to him so it can't be a full size civil war cannon (he likes anything that goes BOOM).  I can forge something or weld together a sculpture.  I would prefer forging at this point.  It should be something from my own imagination but I can put my own personal touch on any suggestions, most likely.  Thanks for any ideas.

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Many miniature muzzle loading cannons are cast or machined.  The problem is how to forge/attach trunnions.  

Given his interest in things medieval I suggest researching late medival artillery when trunnions had not yet been invented.  Generally, the barrel was laid in a wooden trough and trunnions or other means of elevation or depression were attached to the trough.

You could make a faux bombard by chiselling in lines on the barrel to make it look like it had been built up and welded from iron staves.

Actually, when making muzzle loading artillery models the easy part is the barrel.  The carriage and wheels are generally more difficult.

If you build something and mount it on a base you could also mount a St. Barbara medal.  She is the patron saint of artillerymen and all other things that go boom.

I'm both an old artilleryman and historian and if you want a deeper discussion PM me.


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This has been kicking around my shop for awhile. I made it from schedule 80 1/2” pipe many years ago while standing by on an offshore drilling rig. I originally made a naval carriage for it but my brother (now deceased) wanted a field carriage. The wagon wheels were a lot harder. In fact it never got done.



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   George, I won't do a cannon because I have a small collection my Grandpa made.  They are all going to him someday when I am gone.  I want this to be one of a kind.  I may pm you just to pick your mind.

9 hours ago, NoGoodWithUsernames said:

brainstorming is entertaining

    Post anything you think of.  I appreciate the ideas.   He graduates Sunday, so what I make,  it's going to be late.  

  Iron dragon, I am the most horrible bladesmith you will ever meet.  I now wish I had expanded my talents in that area.  He would like a battle axe.

  PB.  Cannot do cannon.  You should finish that one just because.  Hope your ankle goes well.  

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On the medeival theme: perhaps a shield with the seal and/or mascot of the school he's graduating from?

I thought of a suit of armor first, but the shield seems easier. Also more convenient than carrying around a lance.

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