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"Behind the seat of my truck "30" hacksaw, trash bags, rope, plastic tarps, 2 rolls of toilet paper, roll of duct tape, kitchen matches, candles,  40  bottles of water, hatchet, shovel---It was once pointed out to me that I carried "a serial killer's basic needs"...I'm sure that person will turn up again someday...when the glacier melts...

I had my own TSA experience when I realized I hadn't "sterilized" my carryon after my last campout and it still had my hand forged pattern welded camp knife in it and they were boarding my flight *NOW*!   My knife spent a week under a trashcan in the parking garage.  It was still there when I got back.

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I'm sure my Old Timer got a few bucks at the auction in the Airport in/near Minneapolis Mi years ago. 

You should've seen the looks on security's faces when they xrayed a 30lb piece of obsidian in my carry on. A supervisor went over it with a magnifier to make sure it didn't have a secret door or something. Someone in the line reassured them that obsidian comes in many colors it isn't just black. She recognized mahogany obsidian and was even familiar with where I collected it. She talked to the stews, shuffled seats and we enjoyed the flight talking rocks. 

I still miss that knife and hope whoever got it is making good use of it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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