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As most Blacksmith Organizations (clubs) will have what is called a trade item that members make and draw tags to see who's item they draw in a trade. I thought it would be nice to see some from different organizations in one place. We see some in the "What did you do in the shop thread".

Anyway in the BOA (Blacksmiths Organization of Arkansas) the way the trade item is chosen, is the member who is hosting the meeting will set the item to be made, like a garden tool or trivet or wrench etc. Those members who want to make an item can decide what to make. Here are some of the pictures of items I have made in no particular order.

If I remember right this was some sort of tool so I made a musket tool.


This was either a door pull or towel rack.


This was a door knocker, made from a draft horse shoe and forged hammer.


Something made from a RR spike. (steak flipper)


It's getting late so I will add more later. Last one some sort of wood working tool, made a gouge.



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A few trade items for BOA (Blacksmith Organization of Arkansas) meetings.  A credit here for the plain jane trivet:  Made from one piece of steel, no forge welding or other joinery...idea courtesy of Jennifer, aka JLP Services here on IFI.  You can find out how she makes them on her youtube channel.


Dinner bell 02 (Medium).JPG

Door knocker 01 (Medium).JPG

Door knocker trade item (Medium).JPG

Door knocker trade item Eureka Springs 01 (Medium).jpg

Snail (Medium).JPG

Spoon first one (Medium).JPG

Trivet - BOA trade item (Medium).JPG

Trivet no welds made from flat bar 02 (Medium).JPG

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