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Horseshoe ID

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I found this horseshoe today hiking in the Blue Ridge.  It was pretty well buried in the mud on the side of a mountain in a place I couldn't imagine a horse being (mule maybe but also unlikelyPXL_20220513_191717195.thumb.jpg.485fb0fc51f62e710470d89aca5ebdf9.jpg).  Not knowing much about horseshoes was wondering if anyone could shed any insight as to age, etc.

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Thanks for the input.  Grew up in Missouri so we'll acquainted with the Ozarks.  The area where I found it was ravaged by rain from TS Fred in August 21 so probably was uncovered from that.  It was a pretty rugged area so unlikely there was ever any type of community in the immediate area.

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Welcome aboard TPS, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you'll have a better chance of meeting up with members living within visiting distance. Telling us once in a post won't stick in our memories after we open another post.

Looks like it's deformed, I'm not familiar with a horse that has hooves shaped like that. It looks like it was thrown or maybe partially thrown and got tossed off the trail by the rider or drover.

Frosty The Lucky.

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