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Storm damage


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Boy howdy we had some boomers last night an it’s still storming,

most all the schools shut down, powers out in parts of the county, flood water has shut down quite a few roads an even a couple highways,

creeks an rivers are outta their beds 

lots of places are washed out,

the pumps at the rural water station must be down an running on backup pumps because we haven’t had water pressure more than a trickle all day, 

here’s a picture I got sent this morning of a washout just up the road a ways

and a stock trailer getting washed away,


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  Take care best you can.  I remember one year the Platte and Elkhorn rivers both flooded and you had to drive a 100 miles out of your way to get around.  The only thing that saved our part of town was the built up roadbed of the Union Pacific mainline tracks.

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  I hope they are ok as well.  I do not miss Tornado Alley a bit.  Although they say it is moving east slowly. 

  That washout happened to mine several times after a nasty storms.  Washed a big trench out.  I filled it with clay about halfway, then crushed limestone topped with gravel.  I had a sloping driveway and the rain always made rivulets in the gravel, I was lucky to have a tractor and could grade it out.  Work, work, work...  

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Everybody in storm's paths have been in my thoughts and prayers. We live on a ridgeline better than 140' above the closest stream and 460' above Cook Inlet the only way we can get flooded is if a pipe breaks. We get nasty wind storms, 70+ is just another Wednesday and only gets a mention on the weather, 100+ isn't uncommon.

It is starting of flood season here though. Lots of the largest rivers flow north so the tributaries break up and thaw runoff is flowing heavy but they're still frozen downstream. The flood plains turn into lakes almost every breakup. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hot, Dry, Crispy and at times smoky; here in Central New Mexico, USA. Current temperature 93 degF (33.9 degC).  Look at the "Impacts" section.


* AREA AND TIMING...Northwest Plateau, North Central Mountains,
Northwest Highlands, Middle Rio Grande Valley, West Central
Highlands today until 10 PM MDT and again Monday 9 AM to 9 PM

* 20 FOOT WINDS...Southwest winds of 25 to 40 mph with occasional
gusts of 50 to near 60 mph on today and Monday.

* RELATIVE HUMIDITY...Ranging from 6 to 15 percent each day with
long durations of single digit relative humidities as well as
poor overnight recoveries for many areas.

* IMPACTS...Any fires that develop will spread rapidly and will
be very hard to control. Long range spotting and extreme fire
behavior will be possible. Outdoor burning should not be done.


Please advise the appropriate officials or fire crews in the
field of these extremely dangerous Red Flag Warnings.

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It sounds like y’all could definitely use some of our flooding! 

We might have to build an aqueduct to drain my place off to yours! 

you could finally have that mote you never new you wanted!

are y’all real close to the fire danger areas?

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Just a Wild guess, Lol

well I could definitely supply the water!

We just gotta figure out how to talk DOT into building a cement “drainage” along the highway from peavine Oklahoma to your castle in New Mexico!

how far off I40 are ya? I’m about 30 minutes north of it here, 

If we can talk em into it you’ll have a mote!

also protection from…

fire, traveling sales men, census workers and castle storming invaders! 

it’s a Fool proof plan! What could possibly go wrong! Lol

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Well that’s a bummer… we’re only a little over a 1000 foot above sea level so I guess my plans of an aqueduct are shot, we’d have to pump the water over…

We already get pretty hot here but I would trade you the 95 percent humidity for dry air any day though!!! Lol

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The dryness is what ambushes people; you know you are sweating in Oklahoma;  but here you stay "dry" and don't realize you should be drinking huge amounts of water and replenishing your electrolytes all the time.  I heard of someone going to the ER for dehydration last week.  Kidney stones are bad out here too.

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I’m familiar with what yer talkin bout,

Ive spent a bit of time in the desert An I watched people drop to the deck because they didn’t hydrate enough, 

I can honestly say, id still like to breathe in the summer without growing gills! Lol

i really like Oklahoma but it would be nice if it wasn’t 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity during the summer!

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