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2x72 belt grinder build.

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Decided it’s finally time to replace my 2x48 belt grinder with a 2x72.

So far I’ve got the frame welded to the base and the tooling arms cut. The plate is 1/2” thick and the body is 2x2 inch 1/4” thick tube. The tooling arms are 1.5 inch solid square bar. 

The tensioning arm which is made of 1.5” square bar is drilled to attach to the frame but needs a handle and the tracking attachment to be bolted on still. 

I now need to order the motor, wheels, and the vfd. And a gas strut to apply tension. 

The welds aren’t pretty but they should hold fine. 



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Well good thing I’m not a knife maker! Won’t have to worry about losing my fingers! Haha. 

I hadn’t gotten around to it. It all needs to be taken apart for the rest of the painting still so I’ll make sure it’s the proper way on the final assembly 


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Gotta do the finishing touches and a few more minor changes than it’s done. It runs dead smooth and has tons of power. Very efficient at grinding 

I can balance a nickel on it’s side with the grinder off. Than go straight to 6500 sfpm without it ripping. Having a vibration free grinder is great! 



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