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Oops, don't get in a hurry

Andrew C

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I did fix the issue.  I had to grind the sides of the rivet to get it out, flipped one side around, and got it set straight. 


On the plus side, I made my first tool to make a tool!  I know I don't need a rivet setter and could have just hammered them flat, but I have 2 bent equalizer hitch bars that a friend was going to scrap.  They aren't perfect and I plan to put the top tool on a diet at some point, but they worked for the 4 new tongs I made..



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I used a bolt with a nut just barely on the end  for the rivet header and a nut with the bolt cut off as the cupping tool to finish my first real set of tongs It worked well enough to get the job done. I'm planning on making a better riveting set soon. Hopefully it'll dry up before long. It's pretty swampy here on the Dry Ridge :D


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