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Thermometer for those with bad eyes?

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I am partially color blind, red/green.  While at the forge, I can tell when a piece is dull red or white hot, but I couldn't tell between 2 pieces that were pulled out as a test tonight.  Others could tell that one was definitely hotter than the other.  So...  for gauging temperature for heat treating, is there a cost effective IR thermometer or should I just go by magnetic testing?

Thanks in advance,


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Depends on how much cost effective is for you, most cheap IR thermometers only range from -50c to 300c. The ones that go up to 1300c are about 80 to 100 euro over here. 

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2 hours ago, pnut said:

Non iodized salt

Commonly sold as "pickling salt" (very fine) and "kosher salt" (rather coarse). Kosher salt can be ground fine. A long-handled spoon can be handy for sprinkling it on the workpiece without toasting your fingers, especially if it's still in the forge.

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Are you looking for one to have running continuously or just to kind of eyeball it?  I built a digital one because I don't believe my forge is getting hot enough and I don't honestly think my eyeball is telling me the same colour as other peoples eyeball. 

I found a design that suited my needs by googling "Forge Pyrometer" and it was a site from Caffrey Knives.  If you have any electrical skill at all it should be a fairly simple PID setup.  I had to swap the various part options out, that particular PID unit he recommends is nowhere to be found in Canada but really any controller that will do 1300C readout should suit your needs.

I was able to put together one for around $60CAD which should be under $40USD if you look around.  Or if you found a prebuilt one you're laughing. ;)

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