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repairing swageblock edges


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1 hour ago, JHCC said:

Maybe things were different in Germany.

:) :) :)

Maybe, maybe :)


The only new swageblocks you can buy here are made from "special cast iron" that's what the dealer wrote on his website...

When I found the block, it had very rusty surfaces and so I tried to grind the flat sides clean. That was a very horrible job. It was like grinding hardened steel, absolutely inefficient...

Can't remeber how the sparks looked like.

The only information about the german swageblocks I found is this  "special cast iron" - statement

Sounds like something like ductile... normaly if here is something made out of cast steel, they would tell it...



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Hi Daswulf,


You're right I realy should make a photo. Comes tomorrow...

Today I try to drill the block:

No spirals, only grey crumbs and at the edge of the drilling no burrs. So Latticino is right, its a sort of grey cast iron.

I think welding is not possible/to complicate...

The only solution I could imagine is: milling off the upper 3/8"...



"Sharp" is not the right term for what I want. I know the problems with sharp edges... :)

But a little but more defined holes with slightly rounded edges would be nicer than what I have at moment...

I will pick a photo tomorrow


Thanks for now



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