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Automotive starter, ring gear and DC Tig welder powered hammer

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I've been searching every were, but I've never seen an automotive starter and ring gear used to power a hammer.

Maybe the 200amp DC Tig welder I already have might power the starter motor and the 20ish to 1 ring gear reduction to spin in the 200 -400rpm range? Automotive starters have an over run clutch, that would be handy and It's dirt cheap compared to other options




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Good Morning AJ,

Welcome to our world. You should add some information in your Avatar. There might be someone closer to you than the keyboard.

A starter Motor is made for intermittent service, it will overheat if operated continually.

I used a gear reduction starter motor when I made a hydraulic power-pak to operate the cylinders that open the side doors for our Portable Forge, 2 Doors, 17' long, 6' high, hinged at the top. The side provides cover if it is Sunny or Rainy (Mother Nature). It has only lasted 22 years so far..........


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I'll add info to my avatar once I figure out how. 

I'm retired and like to build stuff using material from my scrap  pile.

My right elbow and left thumb are no longer usable for smashing iron.

I'm located in N.E. Arkansas and will post some pictures of my forge, grinders and other homemade metal working tools.



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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Just because you have something doesn't mean you HAVE to use it. Starter motors don't do well cranking for very long. One might last in a power hammer if you used an on off switch and let it cool while the steel is heating up. Maybe aim a fan at it. 

AC and DC motors are common often free for hauling off an unwanted hot tub. Old treadmills are another source but I don't like the circuitry to run a DC motor under a speed control and diodes to convert AC to DC. It's not hard it just adds another failure mode.

Once I put the word out, I was gifted with two 3hp. 220v AC motors and pulled another out of the hot tub we tossed off the back deck. The most expense I suffered was the labor and $15 charge at the dump for the carcasses. 

Frosty the Lucky

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