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New Knife I made,I can't match the quality


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It was cool enough to break out the forge last  weekend. I saw a "scrap"  of metal still welded to the ancient threaded rod. I figured I had made knives using far less metal so I got  to forging. There was enough for decent sized blade. Had some free time so I polished it a little and made a handle for it. The first part of the metal I used months ago to make a knife. I thought I used more steel in the first knife but I must be wrong because this one is of decent size.  I used part of a piece of aluminum I found for the guard and used walnut wood for the handle. Kinda feeling the damage from my strokes today. The handle that is on it is the 4th one I made. The others broke or the rivets bent and I had to start again over and over. Been making knives since I was 14.  Here at 52 I can't match the quality of my first one. At least despite 7 strokes I can still make a usable knife.


Forgive the headline typo please. This tablet likes to jump around and put things where I did not intend.

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Pretty good for "scrap" and I think you meant guard for the aluminum. I think you can edit the title by hovering over it and an edit box pops up, may have a time limit though. One of the mods can go in and fix it for you too. While I was typing Glenn fixed it.


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We see lots of issues with folks using "smart" phones and tablets, don't sweat typos. Heck it's one reason I HATE texts even though I love a good typo, I'm not fond of being the typo generator. Here's one you can smile about. Glenn's correction has its own amusing typo. Man I LOVE this place.

Stroke and TBI survivors are common characters here, sometimes we share our issues and coping techniques. It's almost like we're old folks.

I'm not a bladesmith guy but I certainly know what it's like not being able to do what were common tasks as well as I used to. Stupid TREE!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thank you for sharing some important life lessons.  Seeing something through to the end is a valuable skill.  I used to wonder why seemingly talent-less people got ahead.  It turns out that a lot of talented people quit when things get difficult.  

I can relate to the frustration of being in a situation where current ability falls short of past performance.  I think that frustration is proof that you're on the path to regaining your abilities.  Since you know what to look for, you can be both the teacher and the student.  You're recognizing progress which is essential to self-improvement.

You're also showing people that it's OK to struggle in pursuit of your goals.  I admire your tenacity, and hope that I can meet challenges with similar resolve.  Keep up the good work.


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11 hours ago, rockstar.esq said:

Thank you for sharing some important life lessons.  Seeing something through to the end is a valuable skill. 

There are lessons in the sweat of work, is something I've heard my whole life. When I was a kid I didn't believe it. 


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I read this post when you first put it up, and its been in the back of my mind for awhile now as I tried to figure out what to say to you about it.

I'm a 48yr old iraq war vet. From my time in combat- I have cervical vertabrea damage in my neck which causes my arms to go numb and lose motor control, ptsd, lost all my teeth due to grinding and breaking them in my sleep. I have bad bouts of insomnia, and loss of motivation and drive often. I tell you of this- not for sympathy... but for... back story, understanding.

If i make it to your age sir... and were to survive not one... but SEVEN strokes!... and were able to still use my hands and my mind to create and fashion something useful- I would die a happy man indeed.

Please, don't take any of this as condescending in any way... but, as I truly mean it.

You sir, will never beat the 14yr old you. But you have sure xxxxxxxx have given him one heck of a run for his money, and don't you ever stop trying.

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