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Damascus Pattern Rubbing Off?

Levi Prince

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Hi, I know this isn't the right topic for this but I figured knife people would know alot about damascus. I just made a batch of cable damscus rings using EIPS Bright cable. I pulled them out of the etch after an hour and it looked great, neutralized it in baking soda solution and it still looked great. But then I went to dry it off and the pattern rubbed off on the towel. I tried re etching it and just letting it sit after the etch instead of drying it with a towel, and the pattern just faded away. Anyone encountered this before?

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Your etch is not deep enough thats because you can wipe it off.

Ferric chloride is good for coloring but not good for deep etching.

Etch with H2So4(38%, room temperature)to get some depth then etch in ferric chloride to get rhe colors,

But cold instant coffee is much better then ferric chloride.....the etch with coffe is more even, it etches faster and it is no chemical poison when it needs to be disposed.


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