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Anvil identification


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Hello everybody!

I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone could help me identifying this anvil I found in my shed. It looks like there's a brand marked on it ('ACMENEE' or something?) but I can't find any more information about it on the internet. I do find anvil of the name 'Acme' on Google but those anvils seem to look certainly not like this one.

Does someone perhaps know the value of it in his current condition (it's about 200kg)? It's quite clean and has a fearly nice surface I think. Thanks a lot if you could help me on my search!

IMG_20200913_194510 (2).jpg

IMG_20200913_194544 (1).jpg


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Hey Emile, welcome to the site. That is not like the Acme anvils we have here in the states. That is (I believe) a north German style  double horned anvil, and she is a beauty. I can't help with ID beyond that. As far as price, that is dependent on where you are posting from. Here in the US that could fetch easily $2000  if it is indeed 200K. DO NOT GRIND on the face. You might want to edit your profile to give us an idea of your location- someone here might be just down the street from you.


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Hey Steve, thanks for your help! I'm from Belgium and I suppose people here are less interested in anvils and blacksmithing then in the States. Together with this anvil I  also found four others (I haven't taken any pictures from them yet, but I'll do this soon). Five anvils in total is a bit too much for me so I'd like to sell some of them, do you know any good (international) website where I can put them for sale and where prices are fair? Thanks a lot!


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