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Copper Burner Question


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How would this work as the end of the burner (instead of a steel nipple)? 


 3/4 in. x 6 ft. Copper Type L Hard Temper Straight Pipe

Will the copper not bend under the heat of the forge? 

How does copper do with extreme heating and cooling? No cracks or distortions? 

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you can get in contact with folk living within visiting distance.

Copper WILL melt right off. It won't work.

 Frosty The Lucky.

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One last time. Lose the copper it's inappropriate in a burner much farther downstream than the gas jet. Galvanized iron pipe is a serious health hazard. NOTHING PLATED PERIOD!

Neither of the things you show are worth spit in a forge. JB Weld? You want to use epoxy glue in a forge? Perhaps you like the smell of burning epoxy? 

No refractory cements or mortars they are short lived as a flame face, they are formulated to stick bricks together.

If you're dead set on disregarding more experienced folk you are perfectly welcome to make the same mistakes we did. Please don't poison yourself or burn down the family's house trying to invent something that's been in common use since the American Civil war. 

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You really should listen to these guys. They helped me through all my builds and I was pig headed with some stuff and didnt always listen... guess what happened, what they told me wouldnt work, didnt work. They really know what they are talking about!

Now, I understand you are probly trying to save a $ or 2... but you wont if you dont listen to them. It always costs more to spend less! 

Get this, I am building a 2 burner forge for a friend right now, I just bought all the parts for 2 Frosty T burners, the copper tubing, 90° ball valve, and all the fittings to SAFELY run 2 burners for right around $70. And I live in northern BC Canada so theres nothing cheap here. The refractory supplies will be about $100-120 shipped. Then my time to fab a body. So thats under $200 for the important bits of a 2 burner forge that will heat 100’s of knives for him.

Sorry for the long reply but sometimes innovation is not always best...

Oh and add in the $30-40 for a high pressure regulator

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