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  1. Haha same here! My dad has a lathe so I usually go make a few. Its about $20 in parts including the mig tip and adaptor then I ask $5 for my time. I hear ya there! If I have to start making NARBs, my time would be worth a little more! Thanks! I have a handful of my earlier ones spread throughout my neighbourhood getting tested out. I am just getting to the point that I feel confident enough to sell them. Thats what those 2 started billets are for! This guy has been asking to buy axes for months. So hes up next!
  2. Question! This is the most recent formula Ive found for the diy ITC-100 on these forums: Is this still the case? If so, a person can make it very cheaply in comparison... thats why Im hesitant on buying the stuff. Just seems to easy and cheap no??? And if this is the case, why is ITC so expensive?
  3. That would be a good way to go Jealdi. Would be the easiest most effective solution for you by the sounds of it! Plus gotta love the buy, pick up, hook up, start hammering proccess! Thomas is so right its not even funny! If I were able to be working full time I wouldnt have the time to build these things. Unless I simply stopped sleeping! Also, that was the case with my grandparents on my dads side Thomas. Never met my grampa. They were a mining family. Worked almost every mine in the area here. My dad and his siblings grew up playing in the mines even!
  4. T burners are great! I cant even count how many I have built this year... every time I tell a friend to just look up and build a T burner, a few days later I always get “uhhh can you just build me one?” But thats ok cause I like buildin stuff n things! I will eventually build a NARB... I just dont fully understand em yet and havent had a chance to experiment. But all Ive read about them they really seem amazing. Heres the axe style Im making and sort of basing this forge off! The bearded one on the right is mine, the left one with the burnt handle I won from Alecs 4 weeks of forging And then theres the 2 billets up top I started recently. Nothin wrong with buying a forge Jealdi. Just make sure you buy a quality one... those ebay ones are 1” of raw kaowool. Not very good.
  5. Ahh that makes sense... I always have friday afternoons after physiotherapy to do my running around. Which is also nice cause friday afternoons is beer time for most shops here and the are very friendly then With your HVAC guy make sure you ask about 2600° blanket! Id bet he carries more lower temp stuff, but I could be wrong! Thomas has a good point with the helium tanks. Also, I feel like 6” might be a little short unless your building a mini forge. My forge is 9” and thats as short as I feel I can get away with. Though a 6” forge would probably work well for hooks and such I suppose. Tanks are really nice because you can cut your openings the size you need and leave the rounded lips to cover the end of the insulation. No welding needed. Can bolt on legs, burner holder (aka plumbing floor flange). Aw heck you could even use nuts, washers, and longer bolts for the legs! Could literally do it all with hand tools.
  6. Haha you got it! But even a propane tank is way thicker then you need. Do you have a local welding/fab shop? They may seem intimidating, rough n gruff, but usually thats just on the outside! Ive worked with/in most of our welding shops and they are all really nice guys. Tell them your building a forge. Welders love that! Around here anyway haha. Im sure they will help you find what you need.
  7. Jealdi just be careful! Propane tanks are not safe to cut up even if you think they are empty. I have a way to ensure they are empty but its also not safe! Sorry I dont go into detail, its just not safe JHCC those doors are epic!! I think Im going to do a little replanning on my doors! I dont need that cool a back door but it would be very nice to have the fronts like that... Thomas thats pretty neat! Would make a cool lawn ornament/fire breathing shop sign if it doesnt sink into the ground
  8. Haha good point Thomas! Team striking is already effective enough that it really probably doesnt need any innovation to mess it all up! Also a good point Frosty! The main reason it is taking me so long to read your NARB thread Jealdi, thanks! But its not necessarily “my” design. Theres a lot of talk about the mail box or D shape forges. Theres more good then bad in the half circle design in my opinion anyways. You get the widest floor possible without having to heat extra space. The material is, as Frosty stated, heavier than necessary. But I use what I can find free in the scrap bin at work. My boss also runs a logging outfit so heavy scrap steel is a plenty! So to answer your question directly, I fabricated the shell from a deactivated 100lb propane tank, 1/4” plate for the faces, 4” tubing for the stand. Im going to say this now, THERES NO SAFE WAY TO CUT A PROPANE TANK!! There. So I stupidly cut it up of course with methods I will not share To avoid wasting to much durablanket I simply measured 3.5” past center on the cylinder and welded in the floor plate. Thatll give me 3” of blanket and 1/2” of Kastolite for the floor and put the floor right in the center of the circle, the widest part, for the widest floor possible. Make sense? I see a really cool dragons breath breathing sculpture/forge thingy there Thomas! Just needs a dragon inspired paint job!
  9. you guys!! Im not laughing at any of you. This thread just cracks me up! I think I will just let this continue and start a new thread when the build continues! I was really hoping to have it done already, but you know... life happens. So keep on sharing if you guys want! Ill start a new, more focused thread Also, as crazy as that sounds Thomas, I actually believe it! I have had sneezes cripple me for a day due to my disk problem. They are a very powerful move. If only we could harness that power while team striking...
  10. Well I hope he found his niche market! Its a great, rewarding job. If he were a we bit closer Id send him customers! I often send customers to other local mills when I cant keep up. All our local wood is spruce/pine. My boss brings the fir in from way out of town. Vanderhoof to be more precise. So I also work with a lot of spruce! Fun fact, spruce is stronger than doug fir per weight and equal grade. Fir is much heavier though so you need much larger spruce. Haha yes back to the forge! Nothing wrong with a little sidetrack now and again!
  11. Thanks and good to know metalguy! It just so happens I have some hooks on consignment with a local potter. I will ask her! Kiln shelves totally slipped my mind for some reason. As for the burner, I think I may just go strait to the standard T burner for this forge... I just dont feel confident to build a proper NARB yet. And now that I know how to tune the T burners well, Im running just 1 of the 2 burners in my big 500+/- cu/inch forge at a high forging temp and not even at 15 psi! 3” insulation in that forge also so that probably helps. So this new forge at about 250 cu/in should easily hit welding temps and be very efficient as well.
  12. Oh I see! Still, you know what its about and the work thats involved. I have a lot of timber framers for customers so for the most part, a 6x6 timber is the smallest thing I mill. Theres all the 1” and 2” side lumber of course but thats almost never a lone order. 8x12 doug fir is very common. As well as 8x8. The occasional 10x10, even a big order of 10x16 beams once! That was something... Woodmizers are so wonderful to work with. If you take your time, you can cut perfectly square cornered beams every time. Like we are talking less then 1/2° out of square. That mill can produce some absolutely beautiful stuff! Thats to bad it never went big for him.. it is a hard game. Im very lucky to be right on the highway between 2 towns and the boss has a logging show so the logs are easy to come by. 2 huge factors in our success. Hopefully Mike still at least has the mill! Its an unexplainable feeling to get to work, hop out of your truck, and get a big wif of fresh sawdust from the day before.... almost an antidepressant really.
  13. Holy cow Frosty is there anything you havent done?!? You sound like some of the old timers around here. Ive worked with a lot of em cause I spent my first 10 working years trade hopping. I Learned more in my first few years then Ive learnt in all my school years put together! And met a lot of wise old men. Honestly where most of my learning came from. And still is infact! No offence! Not calling you guys old! Head saws are great if you want some real production! My neighbour, who actually founded my area, has one. Hes gone now unfortunately but Im good friends with his son. But that thing would buz through a log faster then you can spit. Was also a death trap. If you didnt work faster then it, youd be working right beside the blade! Sounds like you guys had a really good setup though! I actually have a good system but theres always slabs and big timbers to move around. Its a WM LT70 full hydraulic w/ electric motor and board return. Green chain infeed and conveyer to feed the finished peices onto the green chain out feed. Wheel loader to feed and forklift to take away. Sounds perfect right?! No lifting! Well in a perfect world, yes... But I still have to lift well over my own weight several times a day. Just how it goes! I still love it and want to continue doing it. Just have to start working smarter, which I actually already do believe it or not! Boy if they end up being able to replace disks, Im in! I have a very thorough understanding of how it all works. My physio is great about explaining whats going on with diagrams. She believes my core should eventually be able to compensate. Just have to get there... Oh if only that were possible Frosty! Even if I could go back 10 years... Thomas, thats a very good way to look at it! Whats the point in life if your not going to live?! Ahh that was a wise move on their part! Over the last few years I have really smartened up. But I used to be a brute force kinda guy. Probly the biggest reason I am where I am.
  14. That must have been absolutely terrifying for your wife!! You should really learn the limits with your pranks Frosty But boy that would have been awful... Oh I dont minimize it... I just realize its not anything to “brag” about in comparison to yours and Thomas‘ tales. But I am no stranger to it. I turned 31 this spring and first severely injured my back at 21 or 22, cant quite remember. I just remember shovelling snow in much the same movement you described. Lift, turn, throw hard in one fluid movement. I got to mid throw and POP! Then “hmm that felt funny... HOLY ****!!!” 1 month later and I could sort of function again. Chiropractors all treated it as a hip problem. Most physios as well. I tried em all. Then, a 1.5 years ago I found a new physio. 1st appointment she identified the disk, asked me to get xrays, and she was exactly right. “Shrunken disk“ as the xray says. 2nd appointment she knew what to do and I felt 80% better. Fast forward to covid season and she had to close doors. 2 weeks in my back had an episode. Normally Id call her and she would fit me in and have me on my feet! Well no go this time. She instructed me free of charge over the phone for weeks but its not the same. For reference, I just submitted my July hours for work. 62 hours all month. Yep. My mini blacksmithing business really helped tho. Sold a couple forges, tongs, hooks... Put food on the table at least! But this past fridays physio session went really well. I hope to be able to work up to 5 hrs a day now so August should be ok. If the lifting was 50 lbs and less, Id be fine. But I run a sawmill... its rare something is less then 50 lbs! I do truly love my job, but Im starting to doubt I can keep it up. Makes me sad to think about, but what can I do. Wowsers! Sorry for the life story! Should almost rename this thread to Blacksmiths Therapy or something! Im glad getting taken out by a stray tuber healed you up! Thats a story thatll depress many a chiropractor Im sure Ive often though I need something like that, but disks dont grow back unfortunately...
  15. Man Oh man you guys! I thought I was in bad shape with my lower back! Its 24/7 pain but a guy gets used to it. Im sure when Im 40 or 50 it will start catching up with me but a little, often debilitating, pain sounds like nothing in comparison to a TBI and diabetes... I mean that in all seriousness, I realize it sounds like sarcasm! Its not. The worst I have to worry about is bending wrong or lifting ever so slightly imperfectly. And sitting. 5 mins on a soft couch means 5 mins to stand up. But chances of me passing out, at all, are 0 to none. I have many a sleepless night as well of course. But who doesnt? Its funny you mention the water habit. Ive never been stuck in a hospital but I have the same need for water. Its not for a dry mouth for me. If I dont have water at least every hour I get nauseous. So I also pee a lot! I dont mean to be rude when I say this, but I hope I will never be able to tell the tales you guys are sharing here!
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