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Got that post vise...


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hey there,

discussed already a bit in my intro thread but fits better here I guess.

Am in Addis for a Job and took the opportunity to buy an Anvil in "Minalesh Terra" (you could translate that as "whatever area".
You can get anything used there. 

So while I was searching for that Anvil, I found this post vise and finally decided to spend those 160 USD.. Jaws are 12.2cm, the total height is 93cm.


Screw looks all like the short visible piece on the pic. I didn't really check the screw housing, was a bit difficult to do in that crowded place. Also I guess the jaws are pretty fine still. 


Couldnt get him down, he was only willing to add this little hand vise.  The 3 hammers, I also found laying around and got together for ca. 14 USD. 


The ball-peen with the handle (which also needs replacement) is 1lb, so I guess the cross-peen is maybe 1.5 or 1.25, the small one will be 0.5-0.75 lb ?!

Wouldn't mind at least one heavier one. 

Also took this engineering vise, not anymore turnable, somebody welded that together. paid 60 USD. Not sure if that was such a deal.

Then again. what you get new, is all Chinese (and I don't think the good Chinese), and more expensive at the same time.





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I think you did alright, I can't say for sure, I have zero experience with what stuff sells for in the whatever areas in your neighborhood. I haven't rotated a bench vise in years and being welded solid only means you have to give thought to where you mount it.  It's maybe a little high but not bad, it's hard to have a shop without a good vise.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yeah, I am already happy I did it. 


- It has 12.2 cm, that is neither 4", nor 5", not even 4.5". Germans adopted metric system in the 19th century, so I guess they simply wanted 12 cm? 

- Thomas (and others?) were speaking about "robustus" and "gracile" types and obviously there are limitations to how much you should pound on your vise. 
I guess I will develop some kind of feeling when working on the tools but can you give me examples of what could and what should not anymore be done on such a vise.

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 Well on my 4" vise, gracile, I top out working 6.35 x 25.4 mm strap stock hot, or 12 mm sq stock, of course a meter away from it is a 152.4 mm robustus and I have worked the same size strap stock cold on it.

Put it another way; on my light one I wouldn't use any hammer larger than 2 pounds, .9 kg. On the heavy large vise, I've used an 8# sledge, 3.62 kg. I realize that having several vises I may be more willing to risk them; but I have never "retired" a vise due to damage to it done while I was working on it!

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Oh, read this after my other thread,  (where I repeated the question in combination with the Anvil, where I am also wondering what are the limits), cool, thanks. 

So this is roughly a 4", you've seen the photos, would you call this a robustus or a gracile?

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