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¡Hola! Yo desde tu España puede que necesites cambiar el yunque. Mi viejo yunque es demasiado pequeño (32 kg) y tengo muchas dudas sobre las cualidades que se fabrican hoy para enumerar:

1. ¿Es cierto que los yunques pedinggaus cuando trabajan ligeramente fríos con ellos rompen sus bordes?

2.He oído hablar de los yunques de haberman, pero no puedo encontrar una tienda y si continúan siendo fabricados

3. I horseshoening  caballos y los golpeo frío cuando son dulces y si estos yunques u otras marcas resistirían como mi yunque viejo que funciona sin romperse ni marcarse

4. Y, por último, ¿dónde encontrar los haberman y su precio si continúan siendo fabricados?

Gracias un saludo.


Hi there! I from your Spain may need to change the anvil. My old anvil is too small (32 kg) and I have many doubts about the qualities that are manufactured today to list:

1. Is it true that pedinggaus anvils when working slightly cold with them break their edges?

2.I've heard of haberman's anvils but can't find a store and if they continue to be manufactured

3. I horseshoening horses and I hit them cold when they are sweet and if these anvils or other marks would resist like my old anvil that works without breaking or marking

4. And finally, where to find the habermans and their price if they continue to be manufactured?

Thanks greetings.

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Charles, what brands of anvils would you and the other farriers here suggest for a for someone doing a lot of cold shoeing?

(Paraphrased---feel free to correct, I'm just going off the top of my head from my previous job in Mexico)

1 Is it certain that Peddinghaus anvils when working cold on them break the edges.

2 He's heard a lot about Haberman anvils; but can't find a place selling them or if they are still being made.

3 He does a lot of cold shoeing and is looking for a larger anvil that resists denting or breaking the edges like his old 32 kg anvil does.

4 Where can he find a Haberman anvil if they are still being made and the price for one?

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Your translation was fine Thomas.

Si Caballo bueno de lo que yo intiendo los yunques de Alemania van a romper sus bordes si trabajas con mucho trabajo frio. Es porque sus yunques son muy duros. Tal ves si conecta con unos de las fabricas de yunqes de los Estados Unidos puedan decirle cuanto cuesta para el envio para Espana. Buena suerte ojala que encuenta lo que busca.

Yes, good horse, from what I understand the anvils of Germany will break their edges if you work with a lot of cold work. It is because their anvils are very hard. Maybe if you connect with one of the yunqes factories in the United States they can tell you how much it costs to ship to Spain. Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for.

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There are more than enough anvils more to the north, usually the french "pig" style, even more north (other side of France), you are in my corner of the world; and there are plenty anvils around here. Now being spoiled anvil-wise, you need to understand what you want to do, and what kind of anvil you want for that work. I have anvils which are completely harder than a file, and made from tool steel; they will not support cold work on edges. There are also softer anvils; anvils with faceplates ... Once you figure that out; use the Thomas powers anvil acquisition process; take your time, and you will find MANY anvils very close to you. Buddy of mine living near Barcelona has several from old barn sales and such. 

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