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Flea market score


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Was at a flea market last weekend with my wife and granddaughters when I found this for $5. Got the "not another hammer/old rusty tool" look from them. Still very new to smithing but knowing that rounding hammers are not that common couldn't pass it up. Was pretty grungy but it cleaned up nice. Just need to fit a handle, weighs about 2 1/2 lbs. Let me know what you all think, always looking to learn something new.


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Nice find. I paid way too much for a cats head Heller years ago.  I love the balance and feel and the handle I put on it but is very soft. I believe it is either a knockoff or was in a fire. I now use it mostly for chisels etc.  keep telling myself that one day I will clean it up and try to heat treat it.  You found a great deal on that hammer. 

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I like to use the old tools; gives me a feeling of working in a long line of smiths.  I just picked up another rounding hammer in my "hoard" and was thinking of putting it on the sale pile but have used it a LOT the last few weeks and I think it will go on the "new handle pile" instead.

Heller, Atha, Woodings Verona Toolworks, Warwood, Iron City,  and a lot of them you can't tell!

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