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I Forge Iron

Steeled Wrought iron 3/4" wood chisel video part1

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So, I was able to get the video put together with footage from my own camera and then more footage supplied by Marc Sitkin.  

the Shop is the Moses Wilder blacksmith shop in Bolton, MA it was reconstructed from the original prints that OSV  (Old strubridge villiage) made when they tore down and rebuilt the shop at the villiage as part of the Museum. 

Of course this reconstructed one is like new..  The owner did s stellar job on all of it.. Crazy really. 


Stages in Forging a chisel, At Roemer's Forge.jpg

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So here is video number 2.. I thought I had posted it here but I guess not. 


Here is the chisel after burnishing and I pulled the handle because I didn't like the washer so when I went to make the hole a little bit larger it snapped.. (wrought iron) so had to make another wrought iron washer..  

This was supposed to be a carving chisel but I wanted one a little heavier..   It's a sharp and handsome chisel.  

20200112_123940 (2).jpg




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