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Welcome aboard Oldman, have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST  It is full of tips to help you get the best out of the forum, like editing your profile to show your location. As far as soft fire bricks go, they are not the best to use in a propane forge. They fall apart rather quickly due to the rapid thermal cycling and are a heat sink. A better choice is insulated Morgan K26 bricks.

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Good Morning, Old man

Welcome to this world. if you list your location in your Avatar, we might be able to get you some help

Have you heard the saying; Good, Cheap, Fast, pick 2. Soft fire-bricks do not stand up to abuse, Hard fir-bricks take a long time to pre-heat, Starting out, there is no such thing as Cheap and Good. Just my $0.02. I have used hard fire-bricks for years, be patient little one. Rome was not built in a day. You should find someone near you and pay for a little advise. Good advice doesn't go with Cheap. Respect someones knowledge, they probably learned the Hard Way, yet they are probably willing to help you get started. You learn better with your Ears open, not necessarily with your mouth Open.

Good Luck with the Journey, there is no Destination. Stay SAFE!!

Neil, Ol' Goat


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