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Building a belt grinder

Alex w

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I’m building a belt grinder but I am deciding to use a 1phase motor with a vfd but someone has said to me that you need a 3phase motor to use a vfd but when I looked on eBay it said I can wire it to for a 1phase input and output. This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to run a vfd with a one phase motor if wired correctly. I want to use a 1phase motor because I am using household electrics. 

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As far as I know, you use a single:three phase converter VFD to run a 3 phase motor off your single phase house current.   Personally I'm in favor of using dual pole/single phase, if possible, but I"m not sure if you have that over there.   I believe there is a reduction in torque available at the shaft, but may be wrong on that.  I'm sure someone with better info will be along to elaborate further.

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