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  1. Burner choice

    Frosty, I wish I could take a class or speak to a blacksmith but there is none in my area they are all either too far away or too expensive. I was just thinking of building a burner to test if it would work then build a body out of refractory. thanks for the advice. -alex
  2. Burner choice

    I would need it for basic forging I wouldn’t want one to large or to small, I just need to build a burner because I have fire bricks already from my old coal forge. So I just need to figure out a design which I’m not good at because I haven’t made any before. If you have any designs would you be able to share them with me
  3. Burner choice

    I have looked up ribbon burners and I find them a bit complicated to get my head around in text form (instructions) is there anyone that has got designs of a ribbon burner that is simple and easy to understand. I also forgot to add it has to be cheap.
  4. Burner choice

    I am planning on making a propane forge and I am just wonder what burner should I build I thinking of a Venturi or a ribbon burner, it needs to be a. quiet b. Efficient. Ps if you have any plans or ways to make the burners they would be much obliged. Thank you - Alex
  5. Blower air pressure/volume

    Thank you this has helped me alot
  6. Blower air pressure/volume

    Thank you for the idea
  7. Blower air pressure/volume

    I am in the process of getting some tubing for it to flow better so I could re do it
  8. Blower air pressure/volume

    I have a stick welder 2 angle grinders (one 4 1/2, one 9 inch) I just don’t have thick steel tubing to weld with because the thin tubing I have now will just melt
  9. Blower air pressure/volume

    Okay, how can I make the design more efficient because that’s all I have.
  10. Blower air pressure/volume

    I am using a bottom draft forge and using coal
  11. I’ve recently made a forge blower out of a fan it doesn’t give off high pressure but gives constant air to my forge. It takes longer to heat up stock but is quieter than my other blower by a long shot. I’m just wondering if it’s enough and if not what I can do to improve it, if you have a suggestions.
  12. That’s gave me a good idea thank you
  13. I am thinking of belows but also testing other solutions as well
  14. I have been looking for a hand crank blower for a while and I can't find them in the uk.
  15. The smoke is not noticeable from what I've seen because I don't really put green coal straight on the fire I put it around it to make minimum smoke as can