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Trigger guard

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So due to having to help relocate my dad and the shop i havnt been able to get my forge set up for the last couple months (in the process of putting in a 4000sqft building with my dad).

This leads me to the issue of hunting season being around to corner and my dads rifle in need of a new trigger guard since i broke the plastic one. Now i could have ordered a metal replacement for $30 and been done with it but why order one when you can spend way more time and money trying to make your own lol.

 I ended up starting with a 7/8 thick plate and drilled/ filed out the hole, i never liked how small the original guard was so i decided i might as well make it bigger whie i was at it.i used the metal badsaw at work to cut it to a rough dimension and got it home only to realize that it was way to thick and had to bust out the angle grinders and cutt off wheels to thin it out a bit. I ended up making a countersink bit for the screws to sit flush and used some cold blue to finish it off. Its not perfect and took way more time than i thought but im pretty happy with it





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It looks like it could accommodate a gloved trigger finger.  You would have been justified in the effort just to get rid of a plastic trigger guard.  The idea is offensive.  I doubt that using plastic saved the manufacturer any more than $1/gun.  Ackk!

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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