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I Forge Iron

Any ideas?


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I like to put labels on the things we drag out of our scrap piles. Does anyone know what this thing is? It has quite an attractive casting: GAR- WOOD, Detroit. Part of a GM truck perhaps? We stood it up as an ornamental piece, but 'twould be nice to know what it is.



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I haven't seen one in a while but it reminds me of a golf ball washer from a golf course. I'm sure that isn't what that is. I just looked it up and Garwood was a prolific manufacturer of tractor and farm equipment. I'll do some more checking and report back if my browser cooperates. 


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Indeed we have. I am lucky enough to have all the scrap steel and wrought iron I could ever need. And that's only a fraction of what went away to the scrap dealer. I saved what I could.

And thanks, Randy. I have found the photo. 

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