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i am currently a student, studying Blacksmithing, and i am required to write an essay on the safe and efficient control and operation of a solid fuel forge.

now, whilst i should hope it is obvious that i am not asking for help in writing the essay itself, however i would greatly appreciate any assistance in finding good resources for the information i require.

i have perused this forum, lightly, and found some useful information, but i am hoping you may be able to point me in the direction of good book and website resources as there is a lot of information to sift through.


thank you all in advanced for any and all advice you may be able to give me.


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IFI is an interactive peer reviewed document. You have access to an archive of information provided buy knowledgeable folks, discussed buy the same and any incorrect information is quickly ferreted out. Professional Smith’s, talented amateurs, fabricators, metallurgists, engineers, authors all contribute. The bonus is that you can also talk to and receive perspective from the contributors. 

Note that forge design and fuel type and quality effect fire management, as dose blast type. To show your due diligence in your research one might mention that up front, and then after describing your chosen combination and it’s management and use, briefly describe differences. 

Most of us certainly won’t write your paper, but as folks that have written papers and taught we will be happy to offer clarification once you do your due diligence. 


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Research the Dangers and how they differ for each type of fuel, (for solid fuel forges I would expect at least: charcoal, bituminous coal, coke and perhaps anthracite coal.)

Cover storage, use (Ventilation!), dust issues, heat issues, safety around the forge, putting the fire out, dealing with problems, etc.

I will check to see if any on my books include a safety chapter as I know instructors often want hard copy sources as well as net sources.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Love the web handle, do you get nervous around Sailor men? 

Have you outlined the categories of your essay? Perhaps discuss fuel types, each works better in a certain type forge and has it's own management requirements. Control is the basis for safe use of anything. Each fuel type has it's own safety issues as well.

I believe everything you're mentioned has been discussed at length here many times over. Perhaps do a little more than light reading by section and thread. A couple hints, skim the section titles, then the subsection titles, then the thread subjects, then the threads themselves. If you try reading it all you'll be reading for a long time. 

The IFI search engine works poorly if at all. Use your favorite search engine and include "Iforgeiron" in the terms. This works a treat.

Frosty The Lucky.

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