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I'm not religious but...


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A friend of my wife has a casting of jesus on a cross that was broken into three pieces.

I believe this is an heirloom.

Here are some photos.

I'm hoping to get some advice of the best process from putting it back together.

I'd hate to just epoxy it.

It isn't ferrous (not magnetic).

I imagine the melting temp is pretty low.

Should I try to braze or solder it?

What flux or type of prep work would be the best?



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If epoxy resin is not advisable. Have you considered crazy-glue? (cyano acrylic acid)


The corpus on crucifixes are frequently made from pot metal. And many of such castings are made from metal that has a very low melting point.

Please be careful with that religious item.


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If it is a colored pot metal (looks brass colored on my monitor) any heat will affect the color.

If it is a zinc based alloy , there are some low temp aluminum brazing rods that will work with a propane torch. Brownell's gunsmithing supplies has a low temp solder called Force 44 that melts in the 400F range.

If it was me, I would consider epoxy with a wire inset as a reinforcement. Keep it simple.

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wow, all great ideas...thank you!

I really wanted to stay away from glues (it kinda of seems like cheating) but as you all mention, not know the metal composition makes using any heat pretty risky.

Glenn, I think you're right. Making a mold will be my first step. Doing it right might take a lot more time but at least I'll be working over a "safety net".

I agree that epoxy is probably the best route...I'm pretty sure it was broken by a child so I doubt it will be allowed to happen again.

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