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  1. link removed This is my blog if your looking for pictures... I am not very good at posting regular updates. It might be because I don't know many people who care about this stuff or it might be that by the time I stop playing and go inside, beer calls to me louder than my computer.
  2. I have a fair amount of lost wax casting experience in lower temp metals like silver/gold/pewter etc.... mostly small parts and jewelry... I built a kiln, vacumm table, etc I am slowly assembling a hobby forge and a foundry. My expectation is to use the forge to build iron tools (tongs, dross skimmer, hooks and handles) to run the foundry. The information that I have read so far here has already saved me from wasting time and money....thank you for that I like casting but I am "warming" up to iron... nice to "meet" you all