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Henry Wright anvil

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Thought I’d post my anvil here. It’s a Henry Wright anvil 149 lbs I got a while back for $475 so not great price but considering most this size go for 600-800 I think I did good. It’s been a great anvil so far. Are Henry Wright anvils uncommon? I hardly see any.  Anyone here got one?




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Nice job on the clean up!

I have seen some on the internet but i've never seen one in person. I think that mostly is because I live in the Netherlands:P

but from what i have heard they're nice anvils, you got yourself a workhorse! 

I don't know that much about them but certainly someone on here can say a lot more.

Damian Stil

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I own a 330lbs Henry Wright. From what I understand it came from a heavy forge shop that specialized in wagons and tooling. 

she's a little swayed back and was my primary sledge anvil for years. 

The story whether true or not is Henry was Peters brother and worked at the same shop until they had a dispute and Henry when out on his own. 

the Anvils are nearly identical both in shape and sizes for a given weight class and there was even a problem with Peter claiming Henry was selling his anvils as Peter Wright anvils they were so close. 

I don't know if I put much stock in the stories and IIRc it was pulled from one of the rags of the day as an advertisement about anvil fraud. LOL. 

I've only seen a handful in the USA in 40 years of looking.   fisher, Peter Wright, and Hay Budden, kolswa, are the ones I have seen the most of but is this because I have looked for them? Or is it because they produced the most?  

I thought i had face photos but don't. It's sagging about 3/8" in the middle  but extremely well forged. Typical of Wright anvils. 









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yes,  this is the stash of items from the old shop that will go in the teaching facility. there are a bunch of different items.  2 swages blocks,  firepots, forge, blowers, anvils, stands, etc, etc. 

I can't find the other photo's.  there is a bunch of items.  On the google photo page here are photos of my work,  much of the equipment. but even in all those photo's

there are some items not included.




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