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Fabrex drill vise


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Brought these two home yesterday, about $5 for the green one and $10 for the blue. Both are 4" wide, the green opens about 5", the blue 6".

The green one has no markings and is made mostly of 5mm thick sheet metal welded together, and judging by the amount of weld spatter etc. it may have been on a welding table or just been someones go to place for welding. Not really impressive in any way, but it seems to do the job a vise is supposed to do.

The blue one is marked 3 and Made in Denmark, and appears to be made from cast iron. Descent shape, apart from missing a jaw, a piece of cast iron is broken off under the other jaw, and some weld spatter that has been ground off now. Was suprised to see that the jaws were attached with 1/4" screws, and those don't exactly grow on trees here, at least not if you want a specific head. Anyway, one of the threads for the missing jaw appears rather damaged, so when I've made a new jaw I'll probably helicoil them to M6 instead.




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