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Air hammer foundation

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 Hey guys,

I am looking forward to buy a 16 kg airhammer, similar to the "Anyang 33". One big questionmark is the foundation of such a small hammer.

I've read that the weight of the foundation should be around 50 x the hammerweight. So this would be 800 kg. Is this formula ok? I would pour the foundation with concrete with steel inside.

I am working in the garden with neighbours all around the shop. I am a bit concerned about vibrations from the hammer. Is it adequat to isolate the concrete block with some rubber mats from the rest of the ground or should there be any other steps taken to avoid vibrations to be transferred into the ground?


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There are foundation plans on the Little Giant web site.

What I was told;  mount on at least one layer of structural timber between hammer and foundation. An example would be 4x4s bolted together with long threaded rods. 

The block itself can then be mounted on punch press isolation mounts, AFAIK, the closest thing in industry to power hammer mounts.

Stall mats alone will not be sufficient, in my experience.

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A hammer that small shouldn't be much of an issue. Go wide rather than deep. One foot deep by four feet square ought to be more than enough. If you have a concrete floor a wood pad and anchors into the floor would be enough. A wooden pad would likely be adequate. Those little hammers usually need the foundation to get them to a good working height rather than to absorb impact. A 16 kg is pretty small and air hammers dont wobble and bounce as much as mechanical hammers.

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I anchored my 33 lb anyang to the garage floor with ready rod and dewalt bolt compound i put a 1/2 piece of plywood and a rubber pad under it the floor is about 4-5'' thick its solid no movement..The hammer and base weigh 1200 lbs so far no problems and i don't expect any knock on wood...

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