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Blacker B info wanted

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You want to see one in person: you willing to travel internationally or would telling your general location be a good idea. In the USA I would check with The Fisher Museum; in the UK there is a fellow using a Blacker and it's been pictured here.

May I suggest starting with doing a browser search on: Blacker power hammer site:iforgeiron.com  and trying to contact any owners near you.

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On 5/15/2019 at 1:38 PM, Bearforge said:

i recently aquired a blacker B hammer but it is having a couple of mechanical issues.  I would love to see one in person working or find a manual on one.

Try a search on this site, or google, there are videos readily available.  I also have manuals for the B, and C if you want to contact me.  I have a C you can see working, basically the same as a B but without the traverse mechanism and large anvil. Whereabouts are you?image.thumb.png.433a8e7cc3197f81c19afe6c23b0d1df.png

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Thanks.  I am in central Illinois USA near Peoria.  I have googled it and seen a few videos but they are no help as it pertains to how to set the timing for proper operation.  I have inquired on a few forums and you  and one other are the only ones to respond.  Thanks so much for your time.

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3 minutes ago, Bearforge said:

I am in central Illinois USA near Peoria.

We won't remember this once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show your location. You might do a search for Mark Krause hammer whisperer, he is expert in power hammers and he may be able to help.

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