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I have been making lots of different hooks and candle holders and signs and steak turners and all manner of things in my forge over the weeks. I'll hopefully be able to sell some of it at the Farmer's Market (I've got a stall for two days) but I expect I'll have stuff left over.
So what do you guys do with the stuff you make? Do you give it away to people? do you use it around your house? do you sell it?
Merry being,

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Hey Archie,

I blacksmith for a living so everything I make goes up for sale. I have very little of my own work in my home. Kind of a "cobbler's kids have no shoes" sort of deal. What few gifts I do give through the year (birthdays etc), are all hand made. It's gotten to the point where I can't get away with just going down and buying a gift for someone - they expect if to come out of my forge.

Good luck at the market - Let us know how it goes!

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Left overs make great gifts or try a little different market for selling. Try historical reenactments or living history events. The big events always have a traders row or sutlers area for selling the needed period correct items used.
Even the traders and sutlers need a supplier and iron work is always a big seller. Living history is the main reason I got into this hobby in the first place.Our 1814 group has two blacksmiths and between us we make most of what we need ourselves.

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Usually leftovers are better the next day, gives the flavoring more time to blend. At least it works with most Italian foods...:)
Now for the forged items that didn't sale at a particular event well they are just 'starters' for the next time I have a demo or a quick turn around order for "something hand forged". Valentine, you have hit on a little niche I do but making an 'extra' of a 'new-to-me' item. Have sold several things that way. I like TP idea for using them at meetings and such also.

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I am part-time blacksmith, using blacksmithing as a second job. All my work usually goes to re-enactments except for and orders I get from spectators at the events. Once I get my shop up and running at my house I will have some time to play around with forging items for fun to give away and learn from.

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