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firepot cutouts

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has anyone got any firepot cutouts or dimensions.... i am thinking of making a real forge with a half inch thick mild steel firepot with a real table arround it that has small weels for eassy transport... anyway if yopu know of printable cutouts or dimentions of some sort please post because i dont wanna mess this one up!:D

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Don't know about cutouts, but there is some info. out there on the internet in regards to sketches, dimensions, etc. Try googling fabricated firepot, or homemade firepot, etc. I know it's out there, you just have to find it. I have printed out a whole book of ideas, plans, etc. related to equipment just by some creative searching of the net. I'd post links, but I don't have them in front of me, and I don't want to link to too many sites from my posts.

Basically, your looking at 4 trapezoid shapes, a rectangle for the bottom, and long thin rectangles for the top flanges. Play with some cardboard when you get some dimensions, then tape them together to mock up a model of what you want to weld up. Then cut the tape, and you have patterns for each piece.

I'm sure there are others here that will correct me, but this is how I would go about fabbing one up.

Also, there was a thread here by one of the members, that detailed his firepot that his father cut out and welded up for him. Frogpondforge, I think was the name. Do a search on it.

Ok, I changed my mind, here's one link, YOU find the other stuff:D
Fabricated Fire Pot by Bob Patrick

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Also, there was a thread here by one of the members, that detailed his firepot that his father cut out and welded up for him. FrogPondForge, I think was the name. Do a search on it.

Here is a link to Tom's forge:

(untill the blueprints are back up; BP0545)

You could probably print one of the drawings and scale it to suit your needs.
I have been thinking that I could do you-weld-it firepot kits. If you gave me the length/width/depth dimensions you were looking for, I could draw and cut the parts. For a "nominal" charge, of course :) . Getting less nominal as the price of plate keeps going up! There is a surplus steel warehouse nearby, I usually source plate from there, but it is "pot luck" as far as having a suitable chunk sitting there.
Tom's is from 3/8" plate, works well and probably will last a LONG time. Good luck, MIKE

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Thanks Father-O-Frogpond. I didn't do the searching, as I was tired last night.

Sabre: In case you haven't figured it out yet, most all this information is available if you search it out. Ton's of info. is available, just have to look for it. Now, with what's been posted so far, you have something to go by. Let us know how your firepot turns out and Take Pictures!!! Good luck.

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:)Sabre, yes the measurements are in 1,000s. Most dimensions are in whole inches. 5 inches, 6 inches etc. Forget the 000 after the number. There are 2 ways you can figure the dimensions that are not whole inches. As in most blacksmithing, exact length is not too important. One way is to draw the firepot on a piece of paper using the dimensions you know. You can then draw the lines for the non even dimensions and measure them with a ruler (there are only 2). It helps if you draw center lines for the drawing. The other way is to calculate to the nearest 1/8 inch by dividing 8 into 100 which is 1/8" or .125.

1 ea. 1/8 inch = .125 inch
2 ea. 1/8 inch = 2/8 inch which is reduced to 1/4 inch or .25 inch
3 ea. 1/8 inch = 3/8 inch or .375 inch
4 ea. 1/8 inch = 4/8 inch reduced to 1/2 inch or .5 inch
5 ea. 1/8 inch = 5/8 inch or .625
6 ea. 1/8 inch = 6/8 inch reduced to 3/4 inch or .75 inch
7 ea. 1/8 inch = 7/8 inch or .875
8 ea. 1/8 inch = 1 inch or 1.000
From the above calculations simply add the nearest fraction to the whole number and you should be plenty close enough. If you look at the firepot drawing you will see that there are only 2 numbers that are not whole numbers. One is 6.1033 inches. It is therefore close to 6 1/8 inches. The other is 6.3246 inches. It is close to 6 3/8 inchs. Generally when cutting a plate they do not come out any closer than that anyway.

Hope this helps.

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There are pics in this thread of my forge. One has the dimensions on it.

This is only a hobbyist forge, it gets ran for a full day only 2-3 times a month.

Mine is made out of 1/4 plate, i would rather have 3/8 or 1/2 plate.

Also, the slats between the air holes are starting to wear down from heat and oxydation (basically they are disolving away... and that after only 2-3 days/month of use) Once those go too far i will either keep the same design of firehole but replace the bottom plate with a piece of 3/8 stainless steel or I will replace the slits with a single large hole with a single large clinker breaker in the center.

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