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Ceremonial US Navy Rivet Tongs


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Ran across these this morning and they followed me home.  Chrome plated and inscribed ith USS Raven, W B Burgess, June 28,1939.  So far Google told me that is was a minesweeper and its keel was laid on June 28, 1939.   Apparently these were used for the keel laying  





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They are 24 inches long. What other dimension would you like?

Definitely wall hangers.  Too interesting to use.  

Probably last rivet.  Hope i can find out who Burgess was.  Maybe ship designer at Norfolk Ship Yard?  Hopefully my friend Google will help.  

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There were only 2 of the Raven class minesweepers built prior to WW II but they were succeeded by the similar, but slightly larger Auk class of which 95 were built during WW II.  There are still 2 Auk class ships still in commission in the Philippine navy.

Since the tongs are dated on the date the keel of the ship was laid I suspect that they were used for the first rivet.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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