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Leg Vise Repair


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Hello, everyone, I`m new to the forum but can't wait to get to know everybody  I am just getting my shop up and running, and I have run into a little snag with my leg Vise.


I am having a problem with my leg vise pictured here.



The Vise is in pretty good shape its threads are good, and its jaws close tight and parallel, but it won't open correctly. The jaws will open, and the lead screw unscrews just fine, but the jaws will only open about half an inch under its power, and it has to be pulled open further than that — shown in the picture below.




Anybody got any tips on what could be wrong? I think it might be the spring.

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Make sure the pivot bolt is not tightened too tight too.   Looking at the rust I would disassemble it, wire brush it, clean the pivot area: inside the cheeks and on the pivot section and the hole for the pivot bolt; oil the pivot area. Reassemble and test again.  If it's still not opening re-arc the spring.  Note if you are in a cold LOCATION any lubrication of the pivot area could be very stiff unless you used a cold weather lubricant like graphite.

Bring it by tomorrow and we can get it working!

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Quick vise update  

Thanks for all the help everyone I took the advice and opened up the pivot area and cleaned it up. I also replaced the pivot bolt its self and attempted to bend the spring open a bit more, so it got some strength back in it.  After putting it back together and opening and closing it a bit, the vise has gotten back to working order and has been given new life.


I don't plan on putting any coating or anything on it at the moment, but some time down the road I might give it a once over with a wire brush and coat it with some rust converter. But that is a task for another day I have some more significant things to do in my shop.

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If you wire brush and coat it with rust converter now, you halt the detonation of the metal and move down the road WAY down the road.

There is never enough time to do it right the first time but always enough time to do it part way 2 or 3 times. Go figure.

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