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  1. I got a Phoenix caught on camera one day.
  2. I have found a local supplyer of coal near me and I was wondering what is a acceptable amount of sulfer in coal?
  3. Vice

    Show me your vise

    Here is my vise. I recently got it set up and back in working order. She should have a whole lot of life left in her.
  4. Hey, guys so after about five years of working off and on weekends at the local blacksmith shop in my area I have now gotten to the point that my home shop has finally come together enough to start using it officially. I got some pics to show yall and get your input on what you think I should be doing and what I am doing right. Here is the whole forge set up pardon the current mess. It will be much "Cleaner" once it's in use. Or at least more usable clutter than some of the trash there now. The star players in my shop. The anvil is an old one that belonged to my great grandfather so its got family history to it. The forge was found at a yard sale by my parents a year or two ago. And I got my hands on the leg vise at the local flea market for a pretty good price. Here is a close up of the forge and anvil. The anvil has a year mark on it of 1898. The vise was the most recent thing to get set up, and the final significant piece of the puzzle before my shop could be up and running. So what do yall think? Let me know.
  5. Vice

    Leg Vise Repair

    Quick vise update Thanks for all the help everyone I took the advice and opened up the pivot area and cleaned it up. I also replaced the pivot bolt its self and attempted to bend the spring open a bit more, so it got some strength back in it. After putting it back together and opening and closing it a bit, the vise has gotten back to working order and has been given new life. I don't plan on putting any coating or anything on it at the moment, but some time down the road I might give it a once over with a wire brush and coat it with some rust converter. But that is a task for another day I have some more significant things to do in my shop.
  6. Vice

    Leg Vise Repair

    Hello, everyone, I`m new to the forum but can't wait to get to know everybody I am just getting my shop up and running, and I have run into a little snag with my leg Vise. I am having a problem with my leg vise pictured here. The Vise is in pretty good shape its threads are good, and its jaws close tight and parallel, but it won't open correctly. The jaws will open, and the lead screw unscrews just fine, but the jaws will only open about half an inch under its power, and it has to be pulled open further than that — shown in the picture below. Anybody got any tips on what could be wrong? I think it might be the spring.