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Warwood 1492

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I'm just getting into blacksmithing. I found this in the basement of the old house I bought. Can anybody tell me what it is? I'm guess a cold or hot chisel? I don't want to misuse it. It's labeled Warwood 1492 and 3 pounds I believe. I can't find any reference to it on the internet. I looked through a modern Warwood catalog and the number is not used.

Thanks in advance!

Warwood 1492 (1).jpg

Warwood 1492 (2).jpg

Warwood 1492 (4).jpg

Warwood 1492 (5).jpg

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It could be a mill stone dressing hammer. If it were tapered at both ends it could be a "mill bill".

Such tools are included in some of Mr. Eric Sloan's books.

The stone masons hammers for rough work would be Bouchard hammers. Such a hammer has one end with raised teeth. It resembles a meat tenderizer.

A sketch of a tool seller's catalogue should display many of tools. (try Considene corp.,  (I hope I have the correct spelling) ).


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Stone masons also used a straight peen sledge with a sharp peen for splitting layered rock.  I have owned several. They differ from other sledges by their narrowness in the body. (The other end has a rectangular face.)

I also have several bush hammers designed for working the surface of hard stones---they look like meat tenderizers.  I have been trying to get  matched set to use for patterning with my screw press.

There is also the stone masons trimming axe that consists of a number of individual pointed pieces held tightly in a metal handle, (an example can be seen on page 52 of Antique Tools our American Heritage, Katheryn McNerney, 1979)

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