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  1. so an old hoof knife? rightio, I might look at what I got
  2. I have a similar hammer but it doesn't have the large knobs on the ends of the head, nice find
  3. I found a few of these from an old blacksmiths forge on my property, but they had been rusted out a heap and they had much shorter handles, im as lost as you
  4. looks like an old pair of pincers or horse nippers, maybe a nail puller
  5. helps in my metalwork class at school as I can bend a piece of metal, rather than filing for hours, I do half the filing and smash the iron the rest of the way, it also helped my whole class with heat treating, and welding
  6. nice idea, might try it when I get the chance again
  7. cut it in half for 2 weights and you'll also be able to drill it easier
  8. it looks like a splitting hammer
  9. we call these plug taps and starter taps, we also have intermediate taps, plugs are for finishing a thread, starter taps are for starting, and intermediate taps are for rough cutting where it will be temporary. I absolutely hate taps and dies because I always learnt with plug taps and cheap dies that would not cut for the life of them.
  10. What brands are the Aussie ones? Diamond? Wiltshire? those are some of the more elusive brands to me.
  11. it seems to me that old mining towns and areas are great for finding improvised tools. I found a good log splitter that does the same job with a bit of facing. and old jackhammer bits are perfect for hardy tools.
  12. no I think the hole is a little small for that. plus who in xxxx would use steel rod for a handle
  13. one was used as a punching surface or as a drilling surface.
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