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I Forge Iron

hello from Antwerp Belgium


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i'm michael and i'm a beginning blacksmith from antwerp belgium. i got in to forging after taking a class with a couple of friends about a year ago. i have always been interested in forging  from a joung age and it isn't far from my profession, i'm a fitter/welder/mechanic and we fix all types of ship to shore and bulk cranes in all the ports in belgium.

i have a small blacksmith shop/workshop set up in my garage with  a selfmade forge and a 500 pound anvil from 1866 and a 200 pound vis from circa 1900 which i found at a farm.



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at the moment i made a pair off crappy tongs ;) and a Christmas gift project for the family , candle holders for my mother and sisters in law and a bottle opener for the boys.

its all still a bit rough on the edges but i'm pretty satisfied how the came out. it ain't perfect but where learning :)


kerst cado.jpg

kerst cado 2.jpg

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Hi Guys, 

I m looking for a small help, I m looking for a nail from any used boat and want to convert it into a 22 mm ring :).

I have absolutely no clue if this can be done, but if anyone is willing to help I m happy to buy a good lunch :D

Feel free to guide me on any pointers / directions, I live in Antwerp.

Feel free to ping / message / watsapp  +32 470 41 50 64




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Welcome aboard Raja, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header there's a good chance one of the members here lives within visiting distance. Are you looking to buy a particular type nail or learn to forge them? Nails aren't hard to make they are good beginner's practice products. Bet you could teach yourself to forge your own without much effort or tools. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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