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I Forge Iron

what should i do with it?

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It'd make a good holder for a thin towel or maybe something to put on a shelf till something hits you.

I have a number of those kinds of things around. I was cleaning out more stuff in the shop and started running across practice pieces some of my student's made. For some reason they just don't want to keep the piece they have to upset.

I guess just knowing why it's called upsetting is enough and they don't need an example to remember by.


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Thin the whole piece down, leaving the ends as they are. Then double it onto itself making a thing that looks like a magnifying glass. (A round frame on top with two stands of steel, side by side, on the bottom.) Clamp the two strands in a vice while it is red hot and stick a piece of steel in the hole and twist. This takes practice to get down and keep the twist strait, but when successfull it looks great. Good luck!

The kidsmith,
Dave Custer

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