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I Forge Iron

What is that stink?

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I just fired up my demo candy otto rivet forge that I finally finshed repairing from the damaged it got this winter. I move it out side to fire it up, I run down to the old shop for some coal. I grab a sack of coke that was there and run it up to the new shop. I build a small news paper dounut fire to get it going, grab a couple of scoops of coke and start cranking then this stinks hits me.:( It is nasty, I think boy I don't remember this santa coal stinking like this.:confused: So I start to shape my cone of coke with the coal rake, suprise It looks like a dead chipmunk or squirrel?:o Hard to tell with all the fur burned off. Oh well time to grill a burger & hot dog before work.:cool: " if its not one thing it is something else"

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I remember a story from a photocopier repairman. Librarian goes into work one day, switches on and uses photocopier, only to hear a hideous shriek and the machine grind to a hault. Repairman turns up, opens phtocopier, turns out a mouse had decided that the machine was a good bed, but ended up repainting his new home personally...

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I know of a fellow who unloaded a pickup truck load of sand in his backyard for his sandblaster - waited until late fall to use it.
The amonia smell in the neighborhood was unbearable! Neighborhood cats and the ultimate litter box went hand in hand.
The next batch stayed covered.

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