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From Patent drawings to the real thing

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This is the patent for my 'New' forge. CLUTCHING DEVICE FOR FORGES - Google Patents
I posted this a week or so back and finally got a fire going in it today! WOW! does it ever work, and very smooth too. Blower really surprized me with the amount of air it puts out. I had to build up aout 1/2 of the teeth on the radial gear as they were GONE! Did that with brass and dress with a grinder. Repaired the pan with 1/8 x 1! strips bolted to the sides in 2 places and a 1/8 x 14" dia. plate bolted in the bottom. 1 1/2" of industrial THERMBOND for the liner and formed a "firepot" to get a deeper fire then what is obtained in a normal 'pan' or rivet forge. Cleaned, sandblasted, cleaned again, painted and oiled. Had the first fire and made the first item today after lunch. And YEP!! I AM EXCITED about it!! I posted pictures in the gallery and tried to upload the in order but IFI's system has it's own idea of what order they should be in! :(
I got a call last night to do a demo for a Chuck Wagon Cook Off near here and will be using this forge. Now I have to get to work making items to sale!!

I am attaching pictures here (I hope!). if they don't show up check my gallery under Thomas Dean....









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