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Anvils? Hofi has anvils? ack, ugh urk.... now I need even more money for the class in June, save one for me Hofi, I'll pick it up in class, hmmmm a hammer, an anvil, let's see what else ya got, more tools, yeah thats the ticket, more tools, ook ook akk ugh. slobber drool.

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Hello Mike
You do not have to be ''sarcastic'' you could mail or call me and believe me I could answer you , now that you made it public and Jeremy is joining you I have to go public too without sarcasm.

YES the Ozark anvil is similar to mine because I designed the anvil. when I started to built and teach the Ozark school I brought to late Tom the drawings of my anvil and agreed on the production of the anvil in the USA
also agreed to shear the expenses of the mold that was 7500$ 50/50 % AND SPLIT THE PROFIT IN THE SAME PROPORTION. The first 20-25 anvils were called ''HOFI ANVIL'' and Tom had only his touch mark in small on the bottom right.

Anvil no 2 is with me in Israel at my smithy. Anvil no 1 was caste from stainless steel and was broken from hammering, slowly my name ''Hofi Anvil'' was pushed down and later disappeared and the anvil became the Ozark anvil. Attached photo's of the ''writings'' on anvil no 2

For many reasons, Hofi Anvil, Hofi Hammer, Hofi dies for Sayha hammer, I terminated my relationship with him.
Tom is gone now, and I am NOT going public again on this subject any more.

If you have any questions, contact me directly.





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The mention of saracasim was meant to be directed at the conversion of the weight and in no way directed toward any differences between you and Tom.
Believe me when I say that I would never visit such a sore spot in an open forum intentionaly / I was merely making a reference to the overall shape and size of the ozark verses yours.

Mike Tanner

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It will cost around 2400.00 for the anvil to be bought and shipped to the US. I will have one eventually. I am seriously considering being a US agent in the future. If there is an agent in the US that gets a quantity shipped over then the price will drop to probably around 2000.00.

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Re. the size the markings say 125Kg so that is 275 pounds. Remember anvil weights are not 100.000% accurate so it is almost exactly the same size as my 280 pound Brooks. That size is absolutely perfect for me and I suspect would be for almost everyone else reading this unless they needed a smaller anvil for portability. On a good base a 280 is superb. I know some guys like to own a huge anvil but realistically when do you ever actually "need" that size?

I am confident that Maestro Hofi knew exactly what he was doing when he opted to produce that size. Big enough to handle anything you are ever going to make but not so huge that it gets like walking round a pool table!

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Phiillip, you are exactly right. I have spoken to Hofi about the size and anything much larger than the size he produced is overkill most of the time. And one of the considerations is just what you mentioned, getting around the anvil. I have also read discussions concerning anvil weight compared to hammer weight. The general idea is around 10 to 1. So a 2.75 pound hammer on a Hofi anvil would be about right. A 3 pound won't hurt I imagine. Hammers much larger MAY have enough mass to cause the anvil to move under it.

Hofi gave much thought to the anvil. Notice the face width, it is not as wide as many anvils because you do not need the extra width a majority of the time. The width of your hammer is only a couple inches, give or take.:D The width only sucks the heat out of the material and makes it harder to work off of the far side of the anvil.

Look at where the hardie hole is placed. It is near the front horn to give it stability as well as more support. Look at the pritchel holes, there are four of various sizes. An excellent addition to use for punching hole of various sizes.

It has the shelf near the front horn which comes in VERY handy for straightening work or for additional anvil width when it is occassionally needed. It also has an upsetting block and wide feet for stability.

All in all I can't wait to get mine. I currently have a 330 pound Euro which is a good anvil but I lust for the Hofi anvil.

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Hello to all here,
this is Johannes Angele from Germany. This is my first posting here in IForgeIron. Hope I do it the right way.
Hofi informed me about the discussion here.

I agreed with Hofi to organise the production and the worldwide distribution of the Hofi-Anvil.

I have a production workshop in Southern Germany where we produce various coal forges, gas forges, smoke extractors and various equipment for blacksmithing. And we distribute other toools and products to offer the full range needed by blacksmiths.
Our website ANGELE-Schmiedetechnik | alles rund um's schmieden: Herzlich Willkommen is mainly in German language. You can switch to english but only a small part is translated. But our webshop ANGELE Schmiedetechnik - ANGELE-SHOP is completely available in English language.

We mainly sell our products in Europe but of course we deliver worldwide to any country. Our politics in the different countries is to cooperate with various resellers. In the USA we are just starting to organize the resales for the Hofi-Anvil. So everything is still open.

Frankly speaking the handicaps for selling to the USA are the exchange rate EURO/DOLLAR and the shipping. For a bigger quantity the shipping is no longer a problem but for small quantities it is hard.

I give details about the Hofi-anvil in an other posting.


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Here are some details about the Hofi-Anvil

The weight is 120 kg
(in the middle age system this seems to be 265 pounds if I found the right conversion formula)
This is a good size and really there is no need for another size.
You can do so many things with this size of anvil and its intelligent design that you will not request for another anvil.
May be only for some very special works it could be useful to have another size.

The steel of that anvil is the same like of the Hofi-Hand-Hammer. (Of the cast hammer, not the hand forged hammer).
It is a Chrome-Vanadium steel which is very resistant and has proofed its quality with the hand hammer.
I have never seen a broken hammer of this series and I have sold many.
The casting of the anvil is done with "lost wax casting" which gives a good quality like forging.
The heat treatment is done very carefully. This is the most critical point at the production of an anvil.

The hardness of the surface is 54 to 56 HRC.

The design of the anvil is quite sophisticated. At a first glance it may look just like one of the many anvils. But it designed in many details to have more possibilities than with other anvils and to have an easier work. Again Hofis design can be called ergonomic.
We are preparing a small video to show the details and how to use it.

Not only the anvils must be considered. Its complete worth is only developed if is together with its stand. It is a tripod, you can go very close to the anvil, it stands very solid on the floor.

I know many were waiting for this anvil. It took longer than scheduled to organise the production. But now the anvil is available.
We can show and explain more details of this beautiful anvil in the next time.

And when the details are clearer concerning resellers in the USA we will also post it here. or the resellers will do it.


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