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I Forge Iron

First time forging copper.


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Having seen many posts on Instagram of copper forging, I decided to order a bar of copper from Amazon. I ended up with 60" of 1/2" square for only $26 shipped. Tonight I forged it since the weather wasn't too hot out... I started by cutting off 7 1/2" of the bar. The object I made is the Ouroboros, or the snake eating its own tail. It ended up 17 1/2" long after drawing out. I worked it hot when doing the taper. The textures on the 4 sides I just did with a chisel when it was going from dull red to black hot. It was really fun and I cant wait to use up the rest of the bar.







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Thought I would update this original post rather than start a new one. I forged some more of the copper bar into a few incense holders and a skull. I also made the original snake thing into a door knocker.  here are some images linked from Imgur..


Door knocker:

Forged a piece of random steel to the backing of  he door knicker. I split the top end by hand, the other end I sorta cheated with the bandsaw. It was a really hot day and I wanted to just get it over with. I hid the cut seam ends with the curve of the snake.


The copper clasp is just 1/4 tube smashed flat. I used some really old copper rivets I got from when my grandfather passed away around 1999, was really cool finally finding a use for them.


Copper skull... I make these all the time from Mild steel... first time trying in copper....


Feather incense holder... I managed to melt the tip of something I was drawing out so Instead of a double ended curl (like my last piece to post) I ended up making it a feather and curling the end to hold the incense.


Here I use about 8" of the 1/2 square bar to draw out a viking ship incense holder. This is what I was trying to make when I did the feather. This came out really cool....

raw stock:


In process re-heating...


The finished part in various views:





some other images here that I didnt post... https://imgur.com/a/UpuhwZi


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8 minutes ago, 4elements said:

There are a lot of us close to you. I'm in Granite Falls, WA. There are at least a couple of other smiths I know of in Olympia. Are you acquainted with the North West Blacksmith Association? 

I am familiar with the NWBA, Lurk on the website all the time, Haven't joined yet. I always seem to be busy when there are events happening. One of these days I will...

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Make a plan to head down to Longview for one of their Mentoring Center demos on the 4th Sat of the month (but you probably already know about them).

At least plan on going down to Swaptoberfest.  

Stay cool!


as always

peace and love


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